Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blog Post Ideas: Holiday Themed

Hello bloggers! It's Noor! Long time no see huh? Today I am going to be helping you come up with some great posts for the holiday time! Let's get started.

-Winter bucket list
-Holiday gift guide
-What I Want For ____
-A holiday craft
-Winter photoshoot
-Christmas tree photoshoot
-What I Do For ____
-Holiday treat recipe
-Holiday fashion looks
-How to have the best holiday party
-Blogging over the holidays
-Favorite thing about the holidays
-A holiday tag!
-Winter reading list
-DIY tree decorations
-DIY Holiday Room Décor
-Best holiday music

Well, there are some of the MANY different post ideas for the holiday/winter time! If you liked this post, please comment below saying you want even more holiday posts!!

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My Amazing Life Being 10

Friday, December 5, 2014

Kid Blogger Hightlight

I found a BLOG by KIDs that is sooooo inspirational!

Cayla & Ashley are a very busy singing duo 
who encourage kids to 

Read about their life as singers HERE.

and Check out their new album HERE.

 I know I'm sending my daughter over to be inspired...
I bet they will inspire you too!

You Tube

Sunday, November 30, 2014

BBK Biz Day - 6

Outrageous Glamour has a Happiness 
Project going on on her blog:  Check it out HERE!

We have gotten requests from kid bloggers for their sites to be listed...however, their sites are set on private and we have no way to respond to them.  We only list sites that are not set to "private."  
If you change your setting let us know 
& we would be happy to check out your blog to see if we can list it.

 Christmas Wish List Posts!  
Please email your Christmas List posts for this year to

Outrageous Glamour of The Night Writer's Diary


Anasthasya Purba of  The School Life Where I Don't Get It

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Featuring: Stories for Kids by Isha

"Oh, no!" Emily cried! She was really upset. Her dad had just showed her an e-mail he had received from her school. Emily went to Boxer Elementary School. She was in 4G, in Ms. Gealy's class. She had made lots of friends there and she loved her class. She did not want to move, and now there was a new 4th grade section and she had been put there! Emily was really sad. She loved her classroom, she loved her teacher, and she loved her classmates. She, Emily did not want to go to the new class! Besides, she was not sure how her new teacher was going to be like. Also, they (everyone) were going to transfer tomorrow! Emily hoped her friends were in the new class. She would ask and find out tomorrow (hopefully).

   The little snippet of a story you just read was written by the talented Isha, who is devoted to writing stories for kids (if you couldn't tell from the title of her blog). She likes to share everything exciting, and has even shared pictures of Venice, Italy!

   Isha loves sharing pictures of her adventures, and also publishes book reviews! You can trust her taste in books, and her stories are fascinating. They teach great lessons and easily relate to the real world today. Go check her out here, and have a wonderful day, everyone. 

   Also, I haven't posted much or really done anything on either BBK or my own blog. It's really hard to be a student AND a full-time procrastinator, so thanks for being patient, guys. :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Blogger Feature: Ups and Downs Of My Not So Average Life

Hey bloggers! Noor here with another blog feature! Today I am going to be telling you all about Morning/Abby's fabulous blog called The Ups and Downs Of My Not So Average Life!

Morning/Abby is a fun, writer, blogger, photographer who blogs at The Ups And Downs Of My Not So Average Life.

She is a writer for Nanowrimo, holds contests, and reviews movies and books!
Morning also does a bunch of cool tags and interviews!
Well, I shouldn't ruin anymore of the fun! Clickity click click here to go to her blog!!
Thanks for reading bloggers!!!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Blog Posts by Kid Bloggers

Click on the leaves to visit blog posts (by kids) about fall.
Who knows it might even take you to your blog :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

BBK Biz Day- 5

Not much news today!  
Did you know there are 46 days until Christmas?

Here is a link to a countdown clock if you'd like to keep track!

Welcome to Sophia of So Sophia!!!

Julie  of Julie McQueen

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