Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cool Blog Posts of the Week

Hello bloggers, and other friends! Today I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorite blog posts from our fellow kid bloggers this week so you can find some new blogs and possibly get some inspiration for your blog!

Before anything, I'd like to remind everyone that BBK is a blog for helping out with blogging, not other things sadly. We saw a lot of things not relating to blogging on the survey we had :(

If you'd like to see things besides blogging, I highly suggest clicking on one of the kids blogs on the sidebars. they have some GREAT stuff!

If you'd like to request a post, related to blogging as close as possible, then let us know on the survey, we'd love to see what you've got :D

1- Anna, Nabila, Edie, and Dani all did the Text Tag!

The text tag is a fun little tag where you answer questions about your favorite words, your favorite fonts, etc! Click on one of the links to the blogs above to learn how to do it. It's okay if you weren't tagged, BBK tags you!

2- Hayden over at Hayden's Animal Facts shared 5 Interesting Facts About Hercules Beetles

Don't know what a Hercules Beetle is? Click on the link to see what Hayden told us! Beware, if you don't like insects, you might not want to read the post. But here are some other posts from Hayden you might like instead, they're all fantastic and quite informative:

Raccoon Dog (super cute), Emperor PenguinsSouthern Boobooks (a cute lil bird)

3- GirlRadio at Nerd Glasses and Wanderlust shared 6 Signs That You're Voldemort

Harry Potter fans gather round! Are you Voldemort? Are you sure? Well you better check, click on the link above to see whether you truly are Voldemort, or if you're not an evil man with no nose :)

4 - Abby at Abby and the Pens shared her Art Update

Abby is literally my favorite artist out here, everything she draws is gorgeous. If you want a sneak peak into her gorgeous sketchbook, click on the link, and maybe you can browse some of her other gorgeous posts too ;)

Lexie is just one lucky duck isn't she? She got to go to an awards show for books and interview some great authors, to see who she interviewed and all the details, check out her blog above!

THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY FOLKS! Let us know some other posts you'd like to see, and as usual, leave your link down below to be featured in another one of these!

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Changing Up Your Blog for Spring

Hello bloggers! Tis almost spring, at least that's what it feels like where I live!

There's this little thing called "Spring Cleaning" and you don't have to just apply it to your home, you can apply it to your blog too! There are so many things you can do to "clean up", let's a go!

Changing up your design

This one is quite obvious of course. But you can change your design to a more pastel and fun theme. You can even switch your background to a simple white background and that gives a simple, yet glowy feel to your blog!

Experiment around with your header as well, add some flowers or anything springy! If you want more blog design tips, let me know in the comments!

Switching your blogging style

This is something that I've done recently. Try experimenting with different styles. Maybe you can add more humor to your posts, or change the way you take pictures. 

Gather some inspiration from other bloggers. You can take on a more professional tone. Or maybe make your posts look different, whatever you can think of!

Begin to expand your blog

Spring can be the time where you finally begin to expand your blog and get more readers. Check out more blogs, talk to new people, and just have fun with it. 

Try beginning to take your blog more seriously and to the next step, and really do your best to get it out there. This is your time to start fresh again and really commit to your blog!

Fix up some of your older posts

Here is where the cleaning comes into play. If you have some really bad looking posts from the past, fix them up. Check for errors, maybe add a new photo, whatever. 

You can also begin to categorize your posts with labels and that can clean up and keep everything nice and organized!

Figure out what you really want to post about

Perhaps you still haven't figured out what you'd like your blog to really be about. You just kind of post random things.Now you can look deeper into what you would like to post about and possibly work your blog around there. 

Of course, this isn't necessary whatsoever, I still, after 2 years of blogging, don't have a true main topic of my blog. 

Hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what you'd like to see next on the blog :D


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fonts + Picture Editing

Hello bloggers! So I've officially decided on a weekly posting schedule, every Tuesday. In our survey (link in the last post), a lot of you guys voted for help on photography and making your pictures look pleasant and fancy.

You want your pictures to be pleasing, but make sure that they don't distract from the post.

But, why should I use pictures in my blog? For eye candy. They're nice to look at, and don't make the post look just like words. People like pictures, especially when they are nicely done.

But you don't need a fancy camera to take good pictures. You can use your phone!


The photo above is a photo I took with my phone. It's not bad. All you need is a good editing program and boom, it looks like it was taken with a camera. 

As for editing, I would recommend a site called Picmonkey. Picmonkey is a site that's SUPER easy to navigate and you'll have your pictures looking snazzy in no time. If you need any more tips, check out this post that I did a while back!

My best tip for simple editing is opening Picmonkey, and on Edit, hit Exposure, and then Auto Adjust. Then hit Colors and Auto Adjust. This makes the editing 10 times faster and simpler for you.

- - - - 

Another question that we often receive is "How do you make your cover pictures?" These are the pictures like the first one up there that you would use as the title in a way. 

Picmonkey is great but it doesn't offer as many fonts as you may want. What I use for my fonts is a site called It offers TONS of fonts and gives you a way to download them to your computer and use them in Picmonkey as well as in a Word document or something. You cannot use these fonts on Blogger. 

I can also give you font advice if you ever need it!

NOTE: If you're using a device besides a computer, download an app called "Phonto" and you can save fonts there. On Phonto, you can also add text to an image. 

Basically all I do is choose a nice looking font and then add that to a blank image or an image that I've taken beforehand. The best thing to do is write the title of the post as your cover photo.

Another great site for editing, that I like to use for adding text to pictures is called Befunky. Befunky allows you to center your text and do a bunch of things with the text that Picmonkey can't. I would still use Picmonkey for regular editing though :)

- - - - 

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: My friend Rukiya over at Shine N Elevate is having a Blogger's Apprentice contest where you can learn more about blogging and enter a contest. The 2nd task is up!

Also: another blogger, Ines, is having a Blogger Talents contest, which ends in 3 days so enter quickly! All the information is here.

Let me know if you have any questions, or maybe what post you want to see next!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blogs By Kids Survey

Hello bloggers! Today we have a different post. I've put together a little survey for you guys to fill out! This is just to see what you want so we can try to improve BBK! Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form, it will really help us if you did :)

It's only 4 questions or so and they're very simple :D Thanks so much again!

a little bit of sunshine

Friday, February 12, 2016

Writing Your About Me Page

Hello bloggers! This type of post was HIGHLY requested so today, I have for you some tips on making your About Me Page amazing!

Why have an About Me Page?

Well, when I find a new blog, I usually check out the About Me page! It tells me a lot about the blogger, and also if I think I want to follow this blog. It introduces you to your readers and gives them an insight of what you're like.

You want to have the basics on your About Me Page: Name, Likes/Dislikes, About Your Blog.

These are pretty much how your reader can get to know you. On my about me page, I have my name, a little bit about me as a person, things that I like (my fandoms), what I post about on my blog, possibly where you come from if you like!

Don't have any idea what to write about? Well, here's a list of things that you could possibly answer:

Favorite color?
Favorite TV shows, bands, books?
Things you like to do?
Why did you start your blog?
Your social media?
Favorite song?
Favorite movie?
What can your readers see on your blog?
Your favorite blogs?

If you want, you can also include a picture of yourself, mine on my blog does not show my face but yours can if you choose.

NOTE: For privacy reasons, I would recommend NOT putting your LAST name on your blog, or your exact birthdate and town/city on your blog. This can be extremely unsafe.

Quick Tip: Try to make your about page fun! Don't worry about being professional, be yourself. Only then will your readers really see what you're like! Go crazy and have fun, after all, it is all about YOU!

I hope this post helped out you guys, let me know if you want to see more posts like these :D

a little bit of sunshine