Sunday, March 15, 2015

HOW TO: Create A Blog If You Don't Already Have One

Hello bloggers! It's Noor! Someone in the comments asked for a post on how to start a blog if you don't already have one so here are some quick tips on how you can do that!

1. Actually create the blog
So, go to Blogger (BBK's go to blogging site) and hit that "Create Blog" button! Okay, now how do I pick a name? Look around! Blog names are everywhere, just think.

Good blog name ideas:

Classic Melodies
Minty Perfections
Sweet Stories

Now, for your blog URL. PLEASEEEE don't make the mistake I did and make it something really stupid like me:

2. Write your first post
Try doing an introduction post! Maybe something like "20 Facts About Me" or "All About Me!". Those kinds of posts are great for a first post. Or you could take it a different way and start out with something totally random like I did.

Check out this guest post I did on 5 Tips For Creating A Blog Post.

3. Promote it!
Go ahead and hit that publish button (after looking over it first) and yay! But readers don't just come flowing in the minute you hit the publish button, you have to find them.

Go find some new blogs (check out the links on our sidebar, we have some pretty cool people up there.) and comment! Be sure to leave your link also so people can find you.

Don't go and straight up promote. Say something nice about their blog and then you can say something like "Hey I'm a new blogger! Would you mind checking out my blog? It would mean a lot to me!" For more tips on commenting, check out my post here!

Alrighty, that's all for today! But if you EVER have any other questions, send me an email at or let me know in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading,

Friday, March 13, 2015

3 : Contests!

Hey everyone!  Today I will be sharing with you three contests that are going on right now!


Note + Rain - Photography Contest

Amelia Grace's Five Words and a Picture Contest

I'm looking for one more contest!!!  If you are having a contest on your blog, comment and I will add your contest to this post!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

20 Post Ideas: For Kid Bloggers

What's up bloggers! Its Noor back with another fun post idea post! Today I have 20 ideas for you, so let's get right into the post!

  1. Write a review for the closest book near you. Need some ideas? Here are some awesome review blogs I love: What Lexie LovesInes's InsightsStories For Kids By ISHA
  2. Start a tag. Everyone loves a good tag
  3. Participate in Fan Month! Help some bloggers build their blog!
  4. Post a recipe. Have that recipe you've been itching to share? Post it on your blog!
  5. Share a life story. Maybe a funny memory or a scary moment.
  6. Share some of your writing. Write a quick short story and see how your readers like it.
  7. Make a list. Maybe your favorite movies, books, TV shows, etc.
  8. Create a playlist. Use Spotify to create a playlist of songs you love.
  9. Ramble. Rambling is fun and you might learn something from it.
  10. Talk about your week. What were the highlights of your week so far?
  11. Share a DIY. Use Pinterest for inspiration.
  12. Go take some pictures and share them. Read this post for some more help!
  13. Showcase some of your favorite blogs. This is a fab post idea and helps out other bloggers.
  14. Create a challenge. Readers love interactive posts so dare your readers to do something!
  15. Make a survey. This is a popular thing and it helps you get some feedback. 
  16. Share some tips to blogging. How do you make your blog the best it can be?
  17. Post a bunch of facts about you. This helps your readers to get to know you a bit more.
  18. Share a little how-to. A tutorial is a fast and fun thing to help people learn more!
  19. Create a roundup of links and pictures of your favorite things.
  20. Post a post full of gifs. Because gifs. 
I hope you enjoyed this little list and be sure to tell me more ideas in the comments! If you want another post like this, let me know!

Mkay bye,

Friday, January 30, 2015


So it's the weekend...anybody out there like weekends?

If you have some extra time this weekend you might want to check out this writing contest on My Life As A Preteen Dork.  

or looking for a snack?

Click on the cookie for some snack ideas!

I'm sitting through 5 hockey games 
between 3 kids this weekend,
what are you doing?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Do you have any contests or giveaways going on?
email them to 
& I can get them listed here to help you spread the word.

Blog posts about your favorite cookies!!!  

please email to

& Izz Fizz
Izz Fizz, I couldn't find a link to your blog so if you send 
it to I can make this a link)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What's Hot! Apps

Anyone get a tablet or app gift cards for Christmas?

Here are a few of my kids fave apps...some seem easy at first but as you play them you will find can get really good at them!

Grumpy Bears


Sweep da Mines

 Jetpack Joyride

I'm pretty sure a lot of these are free!

We have all these through Apple so 
I'm not sure what great apps Android Users like.

What is your fave app?
Let's make a list to give kids more ideas!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

3 : New Year blog posts!

Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven't been on here in awhile.  Today I am going to share with you 3 new years blog posts!  I have been seeing a lot of them today. 

1. Noor's 2015 Resolutions blog post

2. Jollygirl's New Years!!! blog post

3. Lexie's Goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015! blog post

Did you do a post about the new year?  Did you see a New Years blog post that I didn't include in this post?
E-mail me the link at:!

Also, you can check out my New Years post here!