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    Some notes on the use of atomic ash

    Some notes on the use of atomic ash

      Atomic ash (unsaturated polyester resin putty) is a very common material in the construction of automobile sound, which is widely used in the modeling construction of A-pillar, door panel, tailbox and other parts. However, although atomic ash has become a relative "old friend" for both refitting technicians and DIY enthusiasts, some knowledge in the process of using atomic ash is worthy of our careful attention.
    1. Function
    In fact, atomic ash plays two main roles in the construction: first, it is used as filling material to fill holes, cracks and other defects on the surface of the object, so that the surface of the object can be restored to be smooth and flat; second, it is used as modeling material to make various models according to the needs. To understand the role of atomic ash in construction is the premise for us to use atomic ash reasonably and properly in the process of construction.
    2. Component
    Many beginners just learn to use atomic ash, they will make a common problem: unnecessary to add too much atomic ash. One of the common cases of Z is that when the wood washer is installed to the horn position of the door panel, the whole shape will be made into a huge "crater"; while in the simple sewing operation, the excessive use of atomic ash will cause the whole surface to become more uneven because too much atomic ash is applied, or the whole layer will be thickened, which is also a common situation for beginners.
    The reason for this is that most beginners do not have a really clear understanding of the use of atomic ash, and at the same time, they often do not have an experienced tutor to guide them. Therefore, there is a lack of an accurate concept about the amount of atomic ash to be used. In fact, excessive use of atomic ash, on the one hand, will cause waste of materials and working hours, on the other hand, will also cause damage to the appearance of the shape, and will directly lead to unnecessary weight increase.
    Therefore, in the construction, we should accurately grasp the amount of atomic ash: for the repair work, it is appropriate to just fill the gap; and if it is used for the production of modeling, it should also be based on the principle of appropriate amount, try to achieve "just right".
    3. Grinding
    As for grinding, we need to pay attention to two aspects:
    First of all, before applying the atomic ash, we need to polish the surface of the object first, so that the surface of the object is as smooth as possible, and there are no extra impurities that may affect the adhesion of the atomic ash.
    Secondly, when grinding the atomic ash coating, the selection of accurate number of sandpaper is the prerequisite to ensure the grinding efficiency and quality; at the same time, it should not be too much pursuit of one-time molding, the correct grinding method should be first through the first grinding, preliminary grinding out the overall effect, and then for some residual small gaps, use atomic ash again to fill, and carry out two Grinding, Z to complete the entire shape.
    4. Addition of curing agent
    Many friends often add curing agent by experience or feeling; however, in fact, if the dosage of curing agent is not appropriate, it is easy to directly affect the construction quality.
    Generally speaking, when adding the curing agent, it should be added according to the weight ratio of 100:1.5-3 (atomic ash: curing agent), and how to choose the ratio of 1.5-3 is mainly determined by the temperature. The lower the temperature, the higher the added component of the curing agent, but try to use 3 as the upper limit.
    5. Addition of wood ash
    If atomic ash is used alone, on the one hand, the weight of the finished model will be relatively heavy, on the other hand, the viscosity of atomic ash will be higher, so it will be difficult for the novice to apply or shape, and the hardening time will be relatively long; therefore, when atomic ash is used, some wood ash can be added properly, which can make the weight and viscosity decrease correspondingly, and at the same time, it will not Affect the construction quality.

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