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Sheet metal atomic grey_ What is sheet metal grey?

 Sheet metal ash (poly putty base), commonly known as putty; also known as unsaturated polyester resin putty. It is a kind of inlay material with rapid development in the world in recent 20 years, which makes the once backward automobile sheet metal repair industry realize a leap of the times. Bh-777 atomic ash, bh-778 atomic ash, bd-777 atomic ash, bd-778 atomic ash and bd-799 atomic ash are refined from unsaturated polyester resin (main raw materials), various fillers and auxiliaries. They are mixed with hardener in a certain proportion. They have the advantages of easy scratch coating, quick drying at room temperature, easy grinding, strong adhesion, high temperature resistance and good matching. They are ideal for surface filling of various substrates Material Science. Sheet metal ash is a kind of convenient and quick two-component new inlay repair material, which is made up of modified resin, pigment, filler, anti settling agent, cobalt salt initiator polymerization inhibitor and curing agent (peroxide) according to the weight ratio of 100:1.5-3. (sheet metal grey is the upgraded version of atomic grey, please pay attention to the screening when purchasing).

Sheet metal grey - Atomic grey
How to use sheet metal ash
1. The surface to be scratched must be cleaned of oil, rust, old paint film and moisture, which shall be confirmed to be dry and polished.
2。 The main ash and curing agent should be evenly distributed (100:1.5) to 3 (weight) and the gel time will be used in gel time (the average time of gelation of solar term ash is 5 minutes to 15 minutes). The lower the temperature, the more the curing agent will be used. But generally it should not be greater than 100:3. Sheet metal grey.
3. Use a scraper to scrape the adjusted sheet metal dust on the polished two-component primer or the prepared sheet metal surface. If thick layer is required to be scraped, Z shall be scraped to the required thickness several times. In case of air bubble penetration during coating, it must be completely scraped with a scraper to ensure good adhesion. Generally, 0.5-1 hour after dust scraping is the best wet grinding time for Z (for water grinding and polishing, paint can only be painted after water vapor is completely dry). 2-3 hours is the best dry grinding time. After grinding, remove the dust on the surface, and then spray the intermediate paint, finish paint, varnish and other subsequent operations. For the occasion with high requirements, after the polishing of the sheet metal ash, it is necessary to scrape and apply the fine scraping sheet metal ash (red ash and eye filling ash) to fill up the small defects, then spray the display layer and polish to check the small defects, and then carry out subsequent spraying.

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