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How to Use Atomic Grey after Automotive Sheet Metal

  How to use atomic ash after car sheet metal? Sheet metal is the process of car shaping. After sheet metal is finished, it needs to be polished and smoothed with professional sheet metal atomic ash before painting. Changxing Baodi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of atomic ash, has developed and manufactured various types of atomic ash for over ten years, mainly including ordinary atomic ash, high-temperature resistant conductive atomic ash, solid atomic ash, sheet metal atomic ash, fiber atomic ash, and spray atomic ash, Next, follow the editor of Baodi Atomic Grey to have a detailed understanding of how to use atomic gray after sheet metal.

1. Using fiber ash, as the name suggests, is the atomic ash produced by many fibers. Due to the fact that this ash is applied to the layer closest to the iron sheet, it is placed on the bottom layer because it is relatively good in both firmness and hardness.
2. Sheet metal atomic ash, which has a better composition than fiber ash and is easier to polish, will lay the groundwork for future car painting. However, the hardness of this ash is usually not very high, and the number of applications is relatively large, and there is no specific limit on the number of times it can be applied until the surface is smooth and flat.
3. After the atomic ash is completely dry, we need to use 3M water sandpaper to polish the atomic ash to make it smooth and flat. Then, we need to use very delicate and easy to polish eye fillers. The main purpose is to fill small pinhole like pits that were not previously filled in atomic ash, and to achieve a more complete smoothness on the surface.
4. We first spray paint, first apply primer, then apply topcoat, and then apply varnish.

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