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What are the factors that affect the effectiveness of atomic ash use?

 What are the factors that affect the effectiveness of atomic ash use? Compared to putty used in construction, atomic ash requires strong rust resistance, excellent adhesion, and good adhesion with the upper layer of paint. Let's learn about the specific factors together with atomic ash manufacturer Changxing Baodi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Attention should be paid to the bottom treatment process. The cleanliness of the repaired area directly affects the adhesion between atomic ash and vehicle metal. The repaired area should be polished with sandcloth to remove rust, old paint, and surface dirt that cannot be removed by solvent cleaning. Then, degrease with Shina water to wipe off surface dust and oil stains. After the water evaporates and dries, it is best to start construction immediately to prevent the surface from being exposed to air for a long time and being contaminated again.
2. To avoid localized overheating of atomic ash coatings. Due to the low temperature of the construction environment or urgent customer requirements, many construction personnel use methods such as ultraviolet lamp assisted heating to improve the drying speed of atomic ash and shorten the construction period. This is not an option, but it is important to pay attention to local overheating.
Due to the fact that the insoluble and infusible material after atomic ash hardening is a poor conductor of heat, locally high temperatures can cause changes in the expansion coefficient and internal structure of the coating, resulting in adverse consequences such as foaming. It has been proven through experiments that the general baking temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.
3. Do not pursue a faster hardening rate. In order to save time, requiring atomic ash to harden as quickly as possible is a common problem for all users. People always require atomic ash manufacturers to produce fast curing products or add more curing agents to improve the curing speed. This is unscientific because rapidly solidified atomic ash may initiate cross-linking reaction during scraping, and rapid hardening also reduces the corrosion inhibition effect of atomic ash on metals and reduces adhesion.
In addition, adding more curing agents not only does not improve the hardening rate much, but the compound can also have various adverse effects on the coating film. So, hardening too fast is an important factor that may reduce the adhesion of atomic ash.
4. High quality products should be selected. In the mid-1990s, under the great temptation of market interests, manufacturers of atomic ash were everywhere, ranging in scale from large to small, and the products produced were also mixed with good and bad. Therefore, choosing high-quality atomic ash is also an important factor in ensuring construction quality. We should try to choose products from larger production scale manufacturers or imported products that have passed national quality certification.
There are many factors that can cause adverse effects after the use of atomic ash, but the vast majority may be caused by improper operations, and another part may be caused by the quality issues of atomic ash itself. So, any substance has its limitations and cannot be arbitrarily used. Choosing high-quality products and using them correctly is the key to solving the problem.

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