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Atomic ash operation process

 The operation process of atomic putty powder is as follows:

1. Preparation work:
a. Clean the surface that needs to be repaired or brushed clean, ensuring that the surface is free of dust and oil stains.
b. Prepare tools such as brushes, scrapers, mixing rods, etc.
2. Prepare putty powder:
a. Pour an appropriate amount of atomic putty powder into a clean container.
b. According to the instructions on the packaging, add an appropriate amount of clean water, with a general ratio of putty powder: water=1:1 (adjustable as needed).
c. Mix the putty powder and water thoroughly and evenly with a mixing rod until there are no granular substances.
3. Start brushing or repairing:
a. Use a scraper to apply the mixed putty powder to the area that needs to be repaired. If it is applied to the entire wall, you can directly use a brush to apply.
b. During the scraping process, it is necessary to maintain a certain angle between the scraper or brush and the surface, in order to evenly brush the putty powder on the surface, and to flatten the excess putty powder.
4. Drying and trimming:
a. After completing the application, wait for the putty powder to completely dry, and the time usually depends on the ambient temperature and humidity, which usually takes more than 24 hours.
b. After drying, use sandpaper or a sharpener to polish and trim the applied surface to make it flat and smooth.
5. Cleaning:
a. After completing the work, thoroughly clean the used brushes, scrapers, and other tools with water.
b. Seal and store the remaining putty powder to avoid moisture and contamination.
The above is the operation process of atomic putty powder, and the steps and methods can be adjusted appropriately according to actual needs and situations. It should be noted that safety precautions should be taken during the operation to avoid inhaling putty powder into the respiratory tract or excessive skin contact. At the same time, it is best to read the product's instructions and safety measures before operation.

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